Über uns

Wir machen Hot Dogs

THE DAWG is the culinary fusion of two previously separate worlds – because here the star cuisine unites with urban fast food. In short: the hot dog reaches a new level at THE DAWG! Simple things are brought to perfection. Exceptional products and toppings come together in the DAWGS to create a surprising whole. Whether UNDER DAWG with fluffy sesame bun, pickles and fried onions, fiery KIM JONG DAWG with wasabi nuts, kimchi and coriander or the OCTOPUSSY DAWG in a black sepia bun with chipotle mayo and fennel salad.

By the way: for the vegetarians there are also two cool DAWGS in the pack.

We are moving and will be in touch from another location in 2022.

The THE DAWG team is looking forward to a hungry visitors!